Kenwood TK-3710X ProTalk CB UHF Two-Way Radios Kenwood TK-3710 no license required, 80 Channel CB Transceiver that is Simple to Use   The ProTalk CB radio TK-3710 requires no licence...


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Kenwood TK-3710X ProTalk CB UHF Two-Way Radios

Kenwood TK-3710 no license required, 80 Channel CB Transceiver that is Simple to Use


The ProTalk CB radio TK-3710 requires no licence for use on all narrowband 80 simplex CB channels*1 including 16 repeaters (semi-duplex) channels.
*1 AS/NZS 4365:2011 (80-channel CB); except guard band channels 61-63.


You can depend on all-weather performance from this tough transceiver. The TK-3710 meets international ingress protection standards, including IP54, IP55, and IP67. With the IP67 immersion standards, the radio can be immersed in water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter. The radio also meets or exceeds 11 MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F/G environmental standards, including “blowing rain”.*2 *3
*2 Supplied IP67-compatible battery is required to meet/accomplish IP67-equivalent functions.
*3 All interfaces must be fully sealed with appropriate covers or by designated genuine accessories.

The TK-3710 packs 1-watt of audio power from its internal speaker (or 500 mW of external output) and offers superb clarity. From component selection and construction to optimisation, evaluation and analysis, the KENWOOD difference is loud and clear as an audio expert.

When there is a lot of radio traffic, count on the Silent Stand-by mode. The built-in CTCSS and DCS encoder-decoder covers 50 CTCSS sub-tone frequencies and 104 DCS codes, allowing you to set up the radio so you only hear calls from your own group – everything else is ignored.

Using this radio will quickly become second nature thanks to the ergonomic design, volume and channel selectors on the top panel, and multiple PF keys (7 on the front, 2 on the side). The 8-character alphanumeric aliases make life simple, while the selective 7-colour LED indicator

*4 illuminates to provide at-a-glance confirmation of operating status such as power on and unit identification.

KENWOOD’s TK-3710 is more than just a CB radio: enterprises can make use of 128 private channels 128 zones / 128 channels per zone (range: 450-520MHz TX, 450-520MHz RX), in compliance with the relevant radio regulations.*
*5 Standard Australia Specification No. AS/NZS 4295:2015 (Commercial).

The TK-3710 is bundled with accessories you need to start using the radio today. It comes with a high capacity IP67-capable Li-ion battery to deliver long hours of operation. The ability to keep going with no battery replacement means better reliability. In addition to the supplied accessories, optional batteries and full line of accessories that can be used with the TK-3710 as well as legacy models are available.

● Scan modes incl. Selected Channel Scan that allows the radio to simultaneously watch over 2 channels of Selected and Priority
● Voice announcement*4
● Simplex/duplex select (channels 1 to 8, 41 to 48)
● Min./ max. volume setting*4
● Lone worker and customisable emergency profile*4
● Menu and function modes*4
*4 PC programming required


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