Premium Noise Reduction Earplugs

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Re-useable high quality noise reduction earplugs. 

Package comes with 2 Pairs of Earplugs
Used for Music Concerts, Clubs, Festivals and Events
Earplugs With Carry Case

Mpow high fidelity earplugs boast an SNR of 28 dB and CE and ANSI certified Meet international standards, which effectively protect your hearing during loud events.

Preserve the original sound quality: Mpow Concert earplugs adopt unique Acoustic filter technology to reduce noise evenly, while allowing you to listen and enjoy the full range of the Melody. No more worrying about muffled sound as foam plugs do.

Invisible and perfect fitting: ergonomically shaped earplugs adapt to your ear and block harmful noises effectively. Transparent material allows an invisible and elegant look. You can easily insert and remove the music earplug with the extended grip tabs.

Hygienic and portable: Made from soft, non-toxic silicone material, Mpow high fidelity earplugs won’t cause itching or pain even after long-time wearing. Comes with an aluminum case for carry, and keeps the noise reduction ear plugs clean and away from moisture, dirt or other damages.

Multi-functional earplugs: Mpow high fidelity earplugs reduce risk of hearing damage from loud noise such as concerts, night clubs, music festivals, etc. Enjoy music safely and pleasantly with Mpow music earplugs.